Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Waiter, There's a Mouse in My Throat

My dream this morning - October, 22, 2006:

My dead father and I are watching an old video of me as a child on my 5th birthday. As an adult in this dream, I am struck by the fact that I'm not as cute as I remember myself to be...almost bordering on the homely. I was dragging a chocolate birthday cake mindlessly along a long table. It would have fallen off the table but a relative grabbed it. I am a careless and free kid who doesn't give a rat's ass about a chocolate cake and its final whereabouts.

Then I dreamt there was a mouse, a live mouse, stuck in my throat. I was a human mousetrap. Someone was playing a cruel hoax on me and I was a human mousetrap.

Somebody out there...send for a doctor. A really handsome one, preferably.

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