Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Hopes for the New Year

I'm keeping it small this year. Real small. I'll pass on world peace. I'll say no to saving the environment. What I'd really like to see is:

The end of the "Got Milk" ads.

They make me sick. They have from the beginning.

First off, why is there a need to promote milk in the first place? I mean, it's like bread. You don't have to push the stuff. It just is. The weird people who continue to drink another mammal's milk way past nursing will continue to drink it.

Second off, it's just gross. I don't care if it's Catherine Zeta Jones or Spike Lee; soupy, white crap hanging above people's lips is just plain gross. Are we supposed to "connect" to that image in some personally historical way? Like I'm supposed to say "Oh yeah...that's what milk does. Gets stuck under my nose. That's funny. Milk." No, I don't say that. I say that's gross. It's gross when it happens for real and it's gross in an ad.

And lastly but surely not least, how the f$#k long can this ad campaign last? I mean, come on...stop beating a dead cow, already. What, has it been 20 years or something? We get the point! Milk under your nose! We get it!

God bless America.

And yay for world peace.

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