Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wayward Erotica

[Written for Open Salon's Open Call for bad erotica.]

As Max kissed Sandra's soft, white neck, she moaned quietly with excitement. He bit and licked his way slowly downward, her hips gently bucking in anticipation. Sandra breathed deeply, wanting to inhale every moment of his wandering mouth on her taut body.
When Max reached her hips, she could barely take anymore. Her moans grew louder, her breathing more rapid.  She wanted to grab his head and force his mouth into her hot, wet center. She wanted to scream! Instead she grabbed the sheets and bit down hard.
Now these weren't your average sheets. These were 100% cotton percale sheets that Sandra had just purchased only days before at Macy's Labor Dale sale, with savings up to 60% off, going on until next Friday.

What are percale sheets, you ask?

Well, some consider percale sheets the best sheets on the market, with a silk-like feel and spun fabric made from carded and combed cotton.

What's the thread count of percale sheets?

They range. But if you're one of those people who think thread count is all that matters, think again!

According to Dana Poor, home trend forecaster for Cotton Incorporated:
“What many consumers don’t realize is that thread count is affected by a number of factors, including the ply and the thickness of the threads used.”

Words of wisdom, Dana!

Percale linens were originally imported from India in the seventeenth century then manufactured in France. The word originates from the Persian, pargalah meaning rag, although the Oxford English Dictionary (Dec. 2005) has traced it only as far as 18th-century French.

Rag indeed!

So while the word "percale" may be of humble origins, the quality of the fabric sets the bar for bed linens everywhere. So if you're tired of wasting good money on sheets that pill up or wear out after a year of use, then it's time to consider the very real option of percale sheets: long-lasting, luxurious and just plain beautiful.

Buy today, sleep on luxury tonight!

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