Friday, March 25, 2011

Rap as Performed by Average White Chick from Jersey

It's been a long winter. They're all long winters here at the Jersey shore. You try to keep yourself entertained in any way possible. For kicks, I taught myself the lyrics to Eminem's Lose Yourself, the popular hit from his movie 8 Miles.

Well, it was no easy feat for a number of reasons:
A. I'm a classic rock chick. I have Boston in my blood and Genesis in my genes. I don't even know that many rap tunes.
B. You need to be angry to sing rap. I find myself to be very angry - bordering on the rageful at times. But I'm not rap angry.
C.  There's a lot of effin' words to rap! My do they breathe? I've done Shakespeare monologues that were easier than learning this tune.

So for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, or comic relief, as the case may be), here are my two bedroom stabs at rap.

1. Lose Yourself - The Standard Version

2. Lose Yourself - The Teary Version

3. Eminem singing Lose Yourself

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