Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sexy dream This Morning starring Hugh Laurie

So Hugh Laurie (the guy from House - mad crush) and I are in some small building in a snowy field. Quarters are very tight and everything we do is in very close proximity of one another; imagine being in alarge closet with someone. He speaks and I don't know him very well, but am impressed by how intelligent he comes across...and how damn hot he is...I LOVE HIM OKAY?

Sooo....he leans over me to get something and I smell him for the first time up close, you know...the way someone smells and its...I LOVE HIM. He smells good - like something virile and sexy and mossy or...or...good. Huh? Oh...so I suddenly kiss him on his neck as he leans over me and my lips are hot and his neck smells good and I can't stop by myself. And he's just fine with it...he's very relaxed and casual about it.

Maybe in heaven you get to bang all these people. Beth...inappropriate. Oh well. No one is reading anyway. Bang, bang, bang away!!!!!!

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